Excellent Feng Shui Bed in A Feminine Energy Bedroom

Great Feng Shui Bed.Notice the upholstered & padded headboard in the most soothing pink color, the luxurious bedding, as well as the height of the bed.

Soft & Feminine Bedroom Decor: The window treatment, the rug, the sculptural base of the lamp, the beautiful white coral decor element and the small flower in a vase – all these elements create a sensual flow of nourishing yin energy.

Balanced “Yin-Yang” Look and Feel. The trick to the excellent feng shui of this bedroom is the presence of the metal feng shui element, which brings a balancing masculine energy. You can notice this in the shapes on the beautiful night stand, the subtle pattern and color of the wall treatment, as well as the brass detail of the bench. This creates a sense of comfort and luxurious enjoyment of this bedroom.

Is there any feng shui addition needed in this beautiful bedroom? We would suggest several decor elements in the earth feng shui element colors, such as light sand, beige or deep chocolate color.

Yellow Bedrooms Done Right

Sunny, cheerful yellow – its simple, happy, almost innocent vibe adds a lighthearted touch to any room. On its own, however, yellow is a stimulating color, so potentially has too much spunk for the bedroom. Luckily, it’s an easy-going team player that works well with every other color, and easily adapts to any decorating scheme. So take a look at nine bedrooms that know how to do yellow right.

Yellow with Blue and GreenThis bright and cheery bedroom is nearly bursting with color. The buttery yellow walls are warm, but the touches of green throughout the room, as well as the turquoise midcentury modern chair, cool things back down. It’s this balance between warm yellow and cool green and blue that makes this palette a winner, whether you go with brights like this room, or tone it down with softer shades of the colors.

Bedroom Lighting Guide

When it comes to sleep-time, the darker the better, but what about the other hours spent in your bedroom? Readying for bed, dressing in the morning, reading, relaxing, romance… the bedroom is a busy place even during waking hours. Those activities take a well-lit bedroom – one with several light sources layered from ceiling to bedside.

Flush-Mount Probably the most common source of overhead bedroom light, flush-mount fixtures sit directly against the ceiling, and are typically a light bulb covered with a decorative glass or plastic bowl-shaped cover. In a small-to-medium size bedroom, this may well be all the overhead lighting you need. Look for fixtures that complement your bedroom’s decorating style. Many flush-mount fixtures are very simple, but there are choices with a bit more flair. Metal or painted trim, molded glass and unusual shapes are all options.


1. This is the best choice for low ceilings of 9 feet or less.
2. To prevent unpleasant glare while lying in bed, choose a fixture that has a covered bottom. Otherwise, you’ll be looking up at a bright bulb.
3. Frosted or marbled fixtures are best for the bedroom, as clear fixtures are a bit too bright for the space.
4. A remote control means you don’t have to get out of bed to turn off the light.

Cottage Bedrooms Done Right

French CottageThe cottage decorating style is easy to love, although not so easy to pin down, because it embraces a great deal of variation. What all the different incarnations of cottage style share in common, however, is an airy, casual, welcoming feel; a palette that leans towards the light side; mismatched, repurposed or distressed furnishings; and a mixture of patterns. In the typical cottage bedroom, you’ll find an emphasis on the bed, with plenty of thick bedding, toss pillows and throw blankets. This French cottage bedroom shows off all the cottage characteristics to perfection. The red, yellow and cream palette ties all the patterns together beautifully, while maintaining the cheerful, easy style that makes cottage so suitable for the bedroom.

Sophisticated Cottage Perhaps you love the cottage ease and friendliness, but you also like a bedroom with a simple, sophisticated style. No problem, you can have both. The black, white and turquoise bedroom shown here isn’t a bit fussy or overdone, yet it has all the cottage staples – a mostly light palette, floral pattern, mismatched furniture and most important of all, an easy, airy and welcoming vibe. The framed letters spelling out “RELAX” provide a little touch of whimsy.

Rustic Cottage Cottage doesn’t have to mean dainty and frilly, although there is almost always at least a touch of flowers somewhere in the décor. This rustic cottage bedroom, with its brown, gold and white color scheme, is reminiscent of a mountain lodge or a woodland cabin, but the botanical prints over the bed, floral-print throw pillows and bed skirt, and thick white bedding provide plenty of cottage comfort.

Coastal CottageMaybe you don’t live near a lake or the beach, but there’s no reason your bedroom can’t pretend that you do. Coastal cottage is one of the most popular incarnations of this versatile style, and one look at the bedroom shown here will show you why. The painted iron bed and mismatched nightstands are typical cottage, while the ocean-motif throw pillows and interesting bits of coral on the nightstand and over the bed bring in the sound of the ocean – even if it’s a thousand miles away