These Kitchen Colors Shouldn’t Work. But Somehow They Do.

kitchen-and-living-room-designs-contemporary-interior-designs-for-kitchen-and-living-room-on-living-room-pictureKitchen colors should promote feelings of warmth and happiness. They should stimulate your senses and make you want to linger in the kitchen with the guests long after the party is over. Other colors turn your stomach. What works in one area of the house doesn’t necessarily translate to the kitchen. Black is a great color in home movie theaters. Yet it’s a dicey proposition for kitchens and must be used sparingly. Red is the most popular of the least popular kitchen colors. While great for little kids’ rooms or accent walls, it can be too overpowering for a kitchen. And blue–the bete noire of many homeowners–can make you feel gloomy and sad. If tweaked properly, it not only can work but it can make your kitchen shine.