Kitchen Remodeling Plans

Most of us begin our kitchen remodeling plans with a “What the heck is that? or “Why did the previous owners do that?” or some other incredulous statement or thought. Kitchen remodeling plans originate from frustration and sometimes anger. I have been through this many times, and the kitchen planning process that I am referring to is the internal planning or the conversational planning between spouses or partners. We have not yet reached the kitchen planning stage of CAD, blueprints, and designers. If you can get these kitchen planning basics thoroughly down and out of the way, you will save yourself considerable money down the road:

Function First: Few other rooms in the house have such functional value as the kitchen. If a house is a machine for living, then a kitchen is a machine for cooking. Concentrate on the main functional areas of the kitchen first–prep areas, cooking, refrigeration, dishwashing–and work the aesthetics around that.

Service Zones You Don’t Want to Tamper With

The ideal kitchen remodel is one where nothing moves. However, in the real world, kitchen remodeling involves moving the puzzle pieces around a bit. Some areas that are difficult or costly to move: vented range hood, sink, dishwasher. Electrical outlets can pose a problem, but it can be done. Electric stoves require a special outlet, too.

Zones You Can Move with Less Difficulty: Refrigerators, even water-equipped models, can be moved. Cabinetry is an easy move. Range hoods that do not vent to the outside are simple to move, too.