Bedroom Lighting Guide it comes to sleep-time, the darker the better, but what about the other hours spent in your bedroom? Readying for bed, dressing in the morning, reading, relaxing, romance… the bedroom is a busy place even during waking hours. Those activities take a well-lit bedroom – one with several light sources layered from ceiling to bedside.

Flush-Mount Probably the most common source of overhead bedroom light, flush-mount fixtures sit directly against the ceiling, and are typically a light bulb covered with a decorative glass or plastic bowl-shaped cover. In a small-to-medium size bedroom, this may well be all the overhead lighting you need. Look for fixtures that complement your bedroom’s decorating style. Many flush-mount fixtures are very simple, but there are choices with a bit more flair. Metal or painted trim, molded glass and unusual shapes are all options.


1. This is the best choice for low ceilings of 9 feet or less.
2. To prevent unpleasant glare while lying in bed, choose a fixture that has a covered bottom. Otherwise, you’ll be looking up at a bright bulb.
3. Frosted or marbled fixtures are best for the bedroom, as clear fixtures are a bit too bright for the space.
4. A remote control means you don’t have to get out of bed to turn off the light.