Lay Flooring That Works Best in Kitchens

Installing-Laminate-Eyeballing-LayoutKitchen floor is laid after the heavy work of building, dry walling, and painting to save wear and tear.

Vinyl, Tile, Engineered Wood, and Laminate Flooring

nahar-flooring-in-dubai-3Vinyl is the least expensive flooring choice and can usually be laid in one day. Tile requires the application of cement backing board and must be adhered with mortar and then grouted. Each step requires drying time. Even with inexpensive tile, this flooring option can be costly because of the labor involved. Engineered wood feels like solid hardwood (its surface finish is real wood), but it is fairly moisture-tolerant. Laminate flooring is a highly popular choice for kitchens because of its tolerance to moisture. Unlike engineered wood, laminate is scratch and dent resistant. Solid Hardwood: Hardwood is less popular because water, if not quickly mopped up, can warp it. However, with proper care, it is a viable choice for the kitchen. Installers can lay wood in an average-sized kitchen floor in three days.